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Blacklisted on tinder?
(10-30-2019, 03:15 PM)adventurearchitect Wrote: but hopefully by then tinder will be replaced with something else

That's what I just said haha

(10-30-2019, 03:15 PM)adventurearchitect Wrote: looooool fuck man, i can sort u out from UK if u need. you'll only need the text message once

Yeah ill come to you when I do, right now I'm fine but who knows how long.. Tinder is stupid
I think I might be blacklisted... fuck lol. I'm not getting much matches. I got good pics too
What's your profile
What do you mean Troy?
I would happily pay $12 per sim. I can get it in Croatia for about that and no passport and no activation. US laws are too strict about that, requires ID and registering

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