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Bruh are you looking for a GF or just want to fuck?
Who cares if she’s crazy, psycho bitches have the best pussy...
Just fuck
I will be traveling next year so GFs make no sense. FWB in different countries. Open relationships shit like that I have a current one that is looking sort of like a girlfriend But she knows I don't want anything serious/exclusive.

I left some in Colombia. Gotta go back for those and more

Why? What makes them so great?
If you’re not looking for a GF then it doesn’t matter what her personality is? In my experience, I’ve had the best sex with girls that are always crazy in the head.
Those bitches scare me a bit.
My ex had serious issues. Extreme narcissist. I went through the shit I wouldn't give to my worst enemy.
Smash and leave
(11-07-2019, 03:11 AM)tonyinthevip Wrote: Smash and leave
If pussy is all you're after, then sure. But it gets old. There are enough quality / normal women to have something more meaningful with. I'd rather pass on a psycho pussy than be subjected to that drama/energy.
I guess you guys are looking for more than just hookups. This chats about hookups, not relationships
So unless I only want to smash and dash, my opinion isn't welcome?
Hookups can lead to relationships. ONS is mostly a waste of time.
(11-07-2019, 03:53 AM)daanish Wrote: Hookups can lead to relationships. ONS is mostly a waste of time.

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