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Curing candida and std with binaural frequencies
Guys I listened all day yesterday to these high vibrational healing frequencies from Youtube and today candida symptoms are gone. Also, that pain in the liver was starting to return (STD from girl I fucked in philippines), after I started listening to the frequencies, I began researching bacterial biofilms and how they can prevent bacterial infections from being eradicated. So I found N-acetylcysteine and am taking that to dissolve biofilms. Today the pain in liver area is gone.

The frequencies definitely work.

Crazy that we’re all just a bunch of electromagnetic radiation instead of real physical objects

Here's the frequencies I listened to that helped me with the Candida :
I think I may have it. Because I have a white tongue, but no bumps. And I am fatigued very often. Thanks, I will try this. Sounds better than drinking turpentine.

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