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Purpose and vision for business
Here’s a riddle for you guys...

If that alphadomx guy who always licks his lips is such a big fuckjng alpha in life why does he just work as security in a club lol

Why doesn’t he do some actual big shit and deal with his fears and insecurities to become more and have a purpose and passion
in other words, why did you spend your whole life doing steroids and getting pumped

instead of doing something actually successful

projecting your own failures here i see...
ur retarded
Actually don’t do steroids anymore lol, haven’t for almost year now. Prefer yoga and still lift and focus on biz now. Produced 14k in Jan and on target to make 20k months a reality but even that is playing small man
nothing wrong with bodybuilding
Yeah it’s ok but it can become a thing to fill the void of trying to feel whole

And an ego game

So can business

Anything can and anything is ok. For you fucking girls was like that for awhile

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