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The girl just told me that I'm a good psychopath?
Lol a girl just commented I write well, she said psychopaths write that way   Smile Smile Smile
You should thank her  Dodgy
"Should I be concerned you've had dealings with psychopaths?  Sleepy  " turn the tables on her"
I told her she also wrote that way. She tried to defend, I told her "I think you just like this psychopath" And from now on her nickname will be "psycho girl" I guess an invite to my place is out of the picture though Will has to meet in public first.

I'm gonna troll her so hard after this. So many possible angles.
"So who were you spying on today?" "How.many exes are you hiding on your basement"
Endless fun
If she plays along, The great sign she'd be fun to meet up. But she might have issues if she takes it too seriously
Yeah, I take it a yellow light. I will see how it goes. She's been playing hard to get since day one but I think she's attracted.

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