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This method works extremely well

Step 1: create a pof account of a 9/10 female 

step 2: make up a story that you are struggling to make money through Instagram and you need tinder to gain followers but you’re banned

step 3: immediately follow up with a date offer so that the guy thinks he has a date if he helps you out 

step 4: block him 

Also, find the Instagram of the hot girl you’re using to make a fake sense of authentication. If he tries to follow you say your Instagram is acting glitchy

Hi sean I think you had the right idea to get dtf sluts from tinder but you never used big dick game. This guy seems to be having good  results with it.

Any way to fraud having a big dick?


Hi anyone used sugar daddy website to get laid.

I know a guy from another forum thats average looking but knows how to slay on there. He targets women on their profiles and picks out the ones that could be freebies.

Unfortunately he won't tell me his secret.

Anyone know the best way to slay from there without paying?

Does anyone on here use this shit called Badoo? What are your thoughts on it.

I heard that Rosetta Stone is overrated when it comes to learning new languages. A question to the experienced guys, what would you say is the best method to learn a new language?  (Both speaking and reading.)

Here’s a riddle for you guys...

If that alphadomx guy who always licks his lips is such a big fuckjng alpha in life why does he just work as security in a club lol

Why doesn’t he do some actual big shit and deal with his fears and insecurities to become more and have a purpose and passion

Have you wondered how to significantly increase your value in the dating market? 

I just wrote a post on concrete actionable steps you can take to exponentially increase your value... 

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Hey guys

Tired of the Tinder algorithm kicking your ass?
I just wrote a post on exactly how the Tinder algorithm works and how you can use that knowledge to take to explode your Tinder matches through the roof ...
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Instagram is hot right now and all the quality girls are on there. Have you guys been picking up girls on Instragram? Or is it just Tinder?

I think building out a strong profile for Instagram is the best way to go for regular cold approaching. For example you could instagram close girls instead of asking their numbers. Then over time you could get the meet up.

[Image: beautiful-casual-cute-1313809.jpg?resize...C349&ssl=1]

When the world worrying about novel coronavirus so you actually find a novel titled "coronavirus" and read it because you thought it's a new book that came out