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Guys I think that testing pics is way better if you test different profiles against each other instead of different pictures. That might lead to way better results... Girls will just think you’re spam if you put up a tinder profile with 1 pic and no bio. makes no sense

Yo guys n95 masks are available on eBay.  I bet they will not be later this week as shit gets worse.

the R0 of coronavirus is higher than SARS in 2003. Chinese govt is lying about infections and reality is over 90k infections as verified by independent sources. You should find and buy masks soon before they come Impossible to find after one week and try to avoid large public events. It spreads while being asymptomatic and incubating in host. It is already in the USA a few cases but they will grow.

Hey guys,

Here's my blog post from last week about why it's easier to date hotter girls in some countries but harder in others. 

I found an interesting insight after traveling to a dozen countries so far, including Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Warsaw, etc.

In third world countries, it's easier for an average guy to differentiate himself from male competition by having a first world income and showboating high status things to girls (such as a nice condo, or designer clothes etc.

In first world countries, it's easier for an average guy to differentiate himself by demonstrating masculinity. This is usually done through lifting weights, improving muscularity, and developing razor sharp social and physical escalation skills.

Read more here

[Image: SMV-in-Third-world-countries-790-x-640.png]

In my last thread I explained why you should lie as much as necessary to force tinder hoes to meet up with you. It works for the ugliest male (given you have some muscles, fashion and are relatively young 26-34). 

This thread is for people who got banned by some cunt and cannot log back in.

It’s simple: Go to a mall or something and ask a granny if you can borrow her phone (yes this works). Say it’s to verify your runescape account because your number got banned. Next, type her number into the tinder SMS verification and run away before she knows what’s up.

Problem solved! Now you’re logged back in and have a non shadow banned tinder profile.

This requires some work but is worth it in the end

Just some useful advice:

*on tinder, the difference between dating multiple exotic, skinny women and being limited to fatties, trannies and single mothers is your profile. You can 100% control your perceived value on tinder by lying on your profile*

Yes this means those slim women are yours for the taking...

So what should you lie about? 

>if you are under 6 foot, say you are 6’2” 
>if you are under 5 foot, say you are 6’2” 
>if your face is “ugly”, use a handsome guy with similar features as you or use someone else’s headless abs selfie as one of your pics (just make sure his skin tone matches yours) 


The easiest way to deal with this is by saying it was a social experiment. This allows you to get away with odd behaviour. Once you say this, continue with the date and escalate with no attachment to any outcome 

You can also lie about your money, use photoshop and whatever else you want haha 😈😈

Is white rice inflammatory? I'm thinking of changing to brown rice.

Lesson learned today:

I did an ingenious thing where I cut costs while hiring a chef.

I had just moved into a new Airbnb apartment and I had also hired a chef to cook Indian food for me. However, when I arrived here, I saw that the kitchen wasn't very stocked with much of anything. So I went to Big C (Thai version of Walmart) in order to stock the kitchen for the chef. And here is where I was about to make a huge mistake. IN MY MIND, I was imagining myself needing this, that or other thing in order to do this job, and that was what was guiding my decision to purchase things for this kitchen. I was about to spend a bunch of money on a long rolling pin, a big cutting board, etc.

But I refrained from doing that and went back home and texted the chef that we should get whatever he needs at Big C next door to my condo when he gets here. As we were walking around in the store, I took him to the same place where I was standing hours ago about to make a foolish decision, and then I basically gave him the green light to get whatever he needs, making sure that he understood that I want to keep it cheap. Yes... I decided to ask the chef exactly the minimum he needs in order to get the job done. This allowed us to keep costs low and not waste unnecessary money.

This is important in business as well. You need to ask the customer exactly what he needs in the product or service you're offering. You don't want to take a guess and make a fancy course that you spend extraneous time building features that no one cares about. You might think that feature was cool but it didnt really add any value to the product or service offering. Ask the bare minimum. Create the bare minimum and keep the initial offer nimble. Once you have a solid base minimum viable offer, then you can add the fancy shit.

it’s not about money. it’s about the purpose. What is the meaning of life for you? Unless u create it, you won’t be happy. You have to define what you want, then live it and this definition of a perfect life will evolve as u get older but you’ll always be tracking it and defining it constantly so you’ll never lose track of it but if u aren’t doing that, the money will not fix you. you’ll become one of those rich dudes who overdosed on drugs

Lol the Airbnb host of this place was stupid as fuck. 

There's no hot water in the shower even though it's supposed to be a luxury condo.

I told her that every Airbnb I've ever been to has had hot water, and that she's trippin.

Pics of condo:


P.S. Yes boys that's the exact laptop I run this website from lol

Who wants to spend all that time and effort attracting a girl for just a few minutes/hours of sex?