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Who cares if she’s crazy, psycho bitches have the best pussy...

Lol a girl just commented I write well, she said psychopaths write that way   Smile Smile Smile

Guys I listened all day yesterday to these high vibrational healing frequencies from Youtube and today candida symptoms are gone. Also, that pain in the liver was starting to return (STD from girl I fucked in philippines), after I started listening to the frequencies, I began researching bacterial biofilms and how they can prevent bacterial infections from being eradicated. So I found N-acetylcysteine and am taking that to dissolve biofilms. Today the pain in liver area is gone.

The frequencies definitely work.

Crazy that we’re all just a bunch of electromagnetic radiation instead of real physical objects

Here's the frequencies I listened to that helped me with the Candida :



So I want to create a systematic testing process for my Tinder pics and profile and I'm just considering different ways to do that. I was thinking of creating a totally separate test account with a different phone number (and phone) so if any weird banning shit happens, it'll be on the test account, not my real account. Looking for insight from others that have set something up like this.

Recently I realized that my vision board for my life was complete and utter crap and was not congruent to what I actually wanted. It was littered with Lamborghinis, Pagani Zondas, Bugatti Veyrons, and Luxury penthouse apartments in the center of Manhattan. This wasn't what I truly wanted deep inside, and so I decided to take a deep journey and align the stuff on my vision board with what I actually desire.

Every time you wake up, you look at your vision board and visualize it in your mind and try to feel inside as if it's already accomplished. But this doesn't work when the pictures you're dreaming up aren't what you truly want! Lol.

Here's what I've accomplished and done so far with my life that I think is important.


And here's my vision board for the future:


And again... I decided to change my vision board and remove all the stupid lamborghini stuff and the pompous shit. lol I wasn't being honest with myself when I created that. And as a result, it didn't motivate me and my daily regime for business fell apart.

And the reason I'm posting it here is that a mentor of mine told me to tell as many people as possible.

If you show people the vision board, you'll want to follow through with it, otherwise u look like a phony, and most people hate being seen as that.

It was pretty surprising for me to realize that I don't really value pretentious shit like Lambos or penthouses on top of Manhattan, especially because that's what every person I know thinks that "a rich life" looks like.

I thought I wanted that stuff, but I realized that this stuff is created to appeal to dudes with small dicks who are insecure (I know a dickhead in Brooklyn who put down 80k on a McLaren just to showboat to bitches walking around the Meatpacking clubs and he didn't turn out too happy, eventually giving it away to a friend lol).

There's no reason a sane person needs to waste money on a Lambo that depreciates into shit.

...Unless they're a REAL car enthusiast (and not just saying they are to cover up the real reason, which is insecurity)

This is finally accurate. Version 1. 

It's important not to go too big for version 1. Baby steps is best.

Once i accomplish this, I’ll grow hungry for cooler things. Later on I'll make the vision even more extravagant once I accomplish this small goal.

But right now I crave life experiences more than status symbols.

Maybe once I become a two hundred thousandaire, I’ll want to get to a million... and so on.

Traveling with either a girl I met at a random country or with a group of bros from this forum would be lit. 

Going to see the pyramids and shit lol. Finding oasis in a desert, safari in africa. Some adventurous shit.

Hey guys, this is the pheromones guide that was available on the website originally. I decided to put it on here as well.

Hi guys! Any advice on perfumes, scents and pheromones?

Anyone seen this trend lately?

People who shame people who travel for to get away from American women, and date women in other places 

It’s mostly in the black community... people are calling dudes who travel

Socially retarded

And other untrue things. For some odd reason many people are concerned about what Other dudes are doing with their dick and make up any excuse to shame them

It’s gotten really bad recently because ALOT of dudes are traveling and marrying/dating quality foreign women.

Here's an explanation of this shit... https://youtu.be/z17DaNzNpeg

More passport shaming nonsense: https://youtu.be/ezMFQYt6vnM

The root of passport shaming & the lack of traveling in the black community: https://youtu.be/0DAYvTsbqNQ

How can you tell if your blacklisted on tinder?


I sent some Pervy shit to this girl a long time ago...she responded with “what would you do to me?” I didn’t answer her, and then moments later she unmatched and reported me

If I get reported again my account will be under review...I may just delete this account

Clearly I didn’t offend her enough if she answered back with the same energy WTF