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Bing, Google

[Image: VV5OMVi.jpg]

Here's my new bio:

"Hiking / Camping ?
Road Trips / World Traveler ?
Lifting Heavy Things ?
If you behave, I promise I won't be too rough ?
Casually looking for something serious, seriously looking for something casual"

What are your thoughts?

Worse than Badoo - lots of fugly's, fake profiles, and I keep getting matched with people in fucking New York, etc.

Skip Hily, it's trash

Just got my next dexa scan. It's Def time to cut. Goal is to maintain all of my gained muscle and lose around 12 pounds of fat. Then I'll be 10-12% BF. Gonna start taking Anavar in Dec as well, after next TRT bloodwork.

If I do that in 2-4 months, I'll be mostly set looks wise IMO.

There’s this retarded kid named Tommy in the Whatsapp group who keeps arguing that he fucks quality girls when all he posts are trolls.

Here’s a few points he makes:

He “makes girls wait” longer than a date to fuck them.

He fucks girls who are “relationship material (he literally posts regularly about having threesomes and other depraved shit with busted bar girls—bar girls are basically prostitutes in Bangkok)

And third he tries to call girls who sleep with a guy on the first date “gutter sluts” (when the guy literally fucks prostitutes lol)

This is in Thailand btw

Tommy, if you’re listening, here are my main arguments to derail your bullshit

Gutter sluts (there’s no such thing as gutter sluts. All women can be gutter sluts for the right guy)

  • Women will sleep with men on the first date depending on their SMV. If I’m Justin Bieber and I show up in Bangkok next to you, the bitch will fuck me in 5 seconds, even though she would’ve waited 3 dates with you to give off the good girl impression.
  • Women will wait more dates before sex if they categorize you into the boyfriend role. If you never display sexuality up front this is what will happen because the girl by default assumes you’re like most men who judge women for being sexual. Thus your own beliefs create your own reality.
  • Your past posts contradict the shit you’re sputtering from your mouth. You do fuck gutter sluts (who engage in threesomes with bar girls and do nasty shit). Your girls are by definition gutter sluts because #1. They’re uglier than anything I’ve posted here, #2. They do depraved shit like fuck bar girls in threesomes with you.

Basically Tommy is full of shit and bangs girls who look like this:

[Image: FCG6uYe.jpg]

This is his girlfriend in Bangkok.

[Image: Ij2xEDe_d.jpg]

This is a japanese girl he fucked in Tokyo when he went there. She was bragging that he would bang 9s when he went there lol

Overall Tommy is a retard and I hope he comes in here to defend himself as to why he fucks disgusting girls like these.

hey guys you should stfu

(10-24-2019, 06:32 AM)alex58494 Wrote: hey guys you should stfu
Nah why don’t you stfu